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In October 2006, Toronto-based music and video creator Andrew Huang started his YouTube channel. After having some success on eBay—selling his songwriting and producing abilities to those who wanted him to write original songs on their theme of choice, Huang took to the new video-based platform (YouTube launched in 2005) to continue his craft and collaborations.  

Known for his wide-ranging musical genres, projects, and songs based on “found” sounds, Andrew Huang has built up an audience of 2.2 million subscribers—with over 310 million views.

Like many YouTube creators, Huang has diversified his videos by playing around with different themes and projects. In one series called “4 producers, 1 Sample,” Huang chooses a short musical sample and then four different producers to build an original song based on that sample. Each producer films their creative process and the decisions they make along the way—often chopping up the sample into bits and pieces and repeating sounds and ideas while layering new effects, melodies, and chords. Then all four producers listen to each other’s versions and comment on what they like.

In another spin-off series, Huang partners up with his longtime friend Rob Scallon to make an entire album (10 songs) in only one day. This two-person band is called “First of October” because they gather on the first of October to write, play, and produce 10 original songs. Part of the agreement is that they show up to the studio with no ideas or concepts—album creation begins when the clock starts. What emerges from their creative chaos is fun, inspiring, and filled with a whole lot of laughter.  

Besides his own musical explorations, Andrew Huang has collaborated with other YouTube personalities, won nationwide music/songwriting contests, toured North America, and was nominated for an iHeartRadio music award. He also plays multiple instruments, has a private music studio, collaborates to create phone apps, and has released over 50 albums.  

Andrew Huang is not just a YouTuber but a serious musician, well versed in music theory and sharing his gifts with the world. (YouTube)


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