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Bestselling New York Times author Mandy Hale navigates the modern dating jungle with practical information, application and humor in her book, Don’t Believe the Swipe—Finding Love without Losing Yourself. Hale, a 40-something single woman, has encountered enough swings, hits and misses in her dating life to qualify for expert status on the subject. Her eight-page modern dating dictionary in the front of the book is worth the price itself. Terms such as “ghosting,” “monkeying,” “textationship,” and “roaching” infer the complexity of modern dating. Hale’s title chapters are inviting such as “Men are from Netflix, Women are from Hulu,” or “There are No Second Chances in Love.” Each chapter contains “A Rule to Remember” at the end and also a summary of one of the main points. Hale stresses the importance of loving yourself and avoiding desperation in seeking love. Hale seems a bit harsh at times in blaming the male in relationships. Overall, this is an easy, entertaining read and can also definitely serve as a dating resource. (Revell)

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