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Acorn TV airs another worthy crime drama named for Whitstable Pearl, a restaurant that’s owned by protagonist Pearl Nolan. 

What fuels this crime drama is the odd-couple relationship that grows between Pearl and London detective Mike McGuire. She’s nearing middle age and alone. Mike’s nearing middle age and alone. She is heart-felt, kind, and friendly. He’s taciturn and unfriendly. Pearl happens to be a clever small-town sleuth; Mike also happens to be an excellent sleuth—but one of those disliked big-city Londoner types. 

Conflict sparks—maybe something else too. Their mutual respect becomes a comfortable and familiar chair. 

British comedian Kerry Godliman is the warm-hearted, down-to-earth Pearl, while Howard Charles plays saturnine DCI Mike McGuire. Whitstable itself, an English coastal village near Canterbury, provides quaint backdrops to the serious moments. 

The 6-episode series was released May, 2021, and is based on two novels by British mystery writer Julie Wassmer. Content is appropriate for PG-viewing. Violence is mild with limited profanity. (Acorn TV)

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