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We need more children’s books with an inclusive, celebratory perspective on young people with disabilities. This new addition offers a rich and uplifting reading experience on understanding disability and differences. Our children might have questions about these, but we often do not know how to approach them in a well-rounded way. Reading this book with your kids will open up valuable conversations about special needs, individuality, and empathy. They can enter into the social world of a child with Down syndrome and appreciate what it really means to be different. The content of the book is meaningful and relevant to every family and school.

Unlike other books that address the same issue, this one is written from the perspective of a child with disabilities. “You Are Enough” is a message to children with disabilities themselves. As the authors write, “Being different is what makes you special. … A friend will celebrate YOU just as you are.” It empowers children with special needs to know that being the “real you” is enough.  

Each page of this colorfully illustrated book has a full cast of children with all kinds of abilities. 

It is also worth mentioning that one of the authors, Sofia Sanchez, is an 11-year-old model-actress with Down syndrome. At the back of the book is a short bio of Sofia and information about Down syndrome. Again, the theme of inclusion is amplified through Sofia’s inspiring story. (Scholastic Inc.)

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