Even Now (Live) by Orphan No More

Even Now (Live)
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The United Kingdom band Orphan No More offers a unique combination of lament and praise in its 11-track live recording “Even Now.” This soulful and indie-folk album targets the brokenhearted, weary, and lost with songs of hope. The title cut is a lament that stands out. “This song is a reminder that for every loss there is still victory and for every winter, spring is still coming,” said co-founder Joshua Luke Smith. “We wrote these words as an act of faith to believe that even when our feelings do not permit it and our situation restricts it, God has not changed.” Some of the poignant words say, “Though we stand outside the grave / And the mourners come to grieve / You’re the resurrection and the life / Jesus we believe / That death is not the end / And hope in You prevails / Fear is losing ground right now / Your love will never fail.” In this time of major uncertainty, this album reminds Christians that we are never without hope because the Lord has the final say. (Orphan No More Music)

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