Popular: The Power of Likability in Status-Obsessed World by Mitch Prinstein

Popular: The Power of Likability in Status-Obsessed World
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How much did high school affect your relationships? According to psychologist and University of North Carolina Professor Mitch Prinstein, our success or mistreatment within our high school relationships could set a course for life. His argument intrigued me. 

Prinstein did his homework with rigorous academic studies, lucid writing, and thoughtful analysis. He raises a good point, that we human beings seek approval or endure disapproval by the very people we want in our lives. I underlined some of the social experiments that were conducted with high school students and followed up into adulthood. These studies stirred me to reflect on my own high school relationships that either harmed or encouraged confidence in me.

This book could be a rich resource for youth leaders, pastors, small group leaders or for anyone interested in how your high school relationships might still have a hold on you today. (Viking Press)

About the Author

Reginald Smith is the Director of Diversity for the Christian Reformed Church. He attends Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids, Mich.

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