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As someone who considers Anne of Green Gables to be my “literary life coach,” I was intrigued but also a bit skeptical of this devotional. I knew Anne’s story held many substantial spiritual concepts about adoption, belonging, and redemption (so much redemption), but was there enough to fill an entire 40-day devotional? As it turns out, yes. Rachel Dodge, an English professor, scrapes the bowl (of Liniment Cake, perhaps?) for every bit of goodness in the 1908 novel.

As Dodge points out, Anne comes to Green Gables the way we come to God—orphaned, lonely, and in desperate need of belonging and salvation. She encounters what we do in a fallen world—misunderstandings, rejection, harshness—and makes plenty of mistakes along the way (raspberry cordial, anyone?). There are many opportunities for Anne to lean into her most famous quote: “Tomorrow is a fresh day with no mistakes in it yet.” She is above all things relatable, which is why readers today still cherish her.

Anne also encounters deep, abiding friendship with her kindred spirit, Diana Barry, and the unconditional love of her adoptive father, Matthew Cuthbert, who quietly and tenderly cares for her and notices things about her that no one else does. He emulates our adopting Father God, and his love is a healing balm for Anne, just as God’s love heals us.

The devotional includes original artwork throughout, and each reading includes examples from the novel, Scripture, life application, prayers, and discussion questions for personal reflection.

Even though Anne of Green Gables has been billed as a children’s book, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s rich use of language and weighty themes make it a classic for all ages. In the same way, this devotional could be used by a 12-year-old or a 52-year-old. As we immerse ourselves again in favorite characters—Matthew, Marilla, Anne, Diana, and Gilbert—and stories, we learn fresh truths about God’s boundless love and acceptance of us as beloved daughters and sons. (Barbour)

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