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With playful, cheerful illustrations and simple, clear language, author Leanne DeLeeuw’s letter to her child celebrates the miraculous wonder of the child’s conception and prenatal development within God’s big plan for all people. DeLeeuw assures the child that, though in the womb the child was as tiny as a dot, God already knew all about the child’s features, the kinds of vegetables the child would like, and the activities the child would enjoy. In an uncomplicated manner, DeLeeuw explains biblical truth: “God was busy making you in his image. The Bible says that’s why we are so special. It’s also why bad things make us sad, and good things bring us joy.”

Describing the day of her child’s birth, DeLeeuw writes, “My heart was so full, and I caught a glimpse of how much God loves each one of us.” She points her child to God’s mission in the world—“Jesus said we are to be salt and light, which means we should live our lives for God, and spread his love to everyone”—and assures the child that God will fulfill his plan.

Letter to My Child would make a lovely gift for a child’s birth or baptism. (Grace Meadow Publishing)

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