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In this passionate plea for the church to remain faithful to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the entirety of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, author Michael Youssef accomplishes his goals—to expose false teaching that is destroying the church from within; to renew Christian believers’ confidence in God as revealed in Scripture; to fortify believers’ confidence in the future of the church and its central task in history; to promote unity in the body of Christ by calling false teachers to repentance; and to present the nonnegotiable tenets of the Christian faith.

About his narrative, Youssef writes, “Love compelled and motivated me to write this book and to reach out to leaders and teachers who claim to be Christians but have compromised God’s truth.” He hopes “to open a respectful dialogue” with them.

Youssef articulately shows that false teaching is nothing new—many of the New Testament letters were written to refute false teaching in that historical period—and the threat continues to this day. Youssef also eloquently takes readers through the truths of the Apostles Creed and shows that if we hold fast to this creed, “we will remain grounded in God’s truth, and we will never be confused by false teachers and pseudo-Christianity.”

Since Jesus is full of “grace and truth,” Youssef seeks to adopt the same attitude in his call to the church to repent and remain faithful to God. He writes, “Grace without truth is weak on sin. Truth without grace is harsh and punishing. But grace and truth together provide the perfectly balanced, restorative, Christlike solution to sin. Jesus spoke the truth in love, and so should we.” (Tyndale Momentum)

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