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Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah, Narrated by Trevor Noah

Born a Crime

Good comedians are usually good storytellers—and Trevor Noah, TV host of “The Daily Show” is no exception. His memoir, Born a Crime, revealed that Noah is also a good writer and, above all, a very perceptive commentator on society, race, and politics. In this audiobook, Noah brings his memoir to life, filling in all the voices, languages, and emotions of his childhood. It is no understatement that Noah knows poverty and racism like few others. As the son of a white father and a black mother, he was “born a crime” according to the discriminatory laws of apartheid. Growing up, he was either too white or too black in segregated South Africa. But “ever the outsider,” he “learned to move seamlessly between groups.” And so, he also learned to entertain people. The standout character of the memoir is Noah’s extraordinary mother, a deeply religious woman who raised her children amidst crushing poverty and spousal abuse. While Noah seems to have moved a long way from Christianity, he clearly adores and respects his mother, to whom he gives the final faith-filled word. It should be noted that Noah’s descriptive language includes a fair amount of lively swearing that might not be for all listeners.


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