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Pastor Daniel Im melds social critique with biblical insight in this informative, compelling look at how the gig economy has changed people’s lives. He explains how he noticed that for many people “these gigs weren’t their main source of income—a lot of them were hustling, contracting, and moonlighting on the side to earn some extra cash, pay down a debt, or save up for a vacation.”

Im asserts that, though the gig economy is the new normal, it’s not harmless, though it might appear to be so. He offers his book as “a pair of glasses” that readers can use to see all “the subversive ways” that the gig economy can change the way they view work, life, and love

With numerous pertinent examples from present-day culture and his personal and vocational struggles, Im exposes seven lies of the gig economy: “You are what you do. You are what you experience. You are who you know. You are what you know. You are what you own. You are who you raise. You are your past.”

Im uses a soft touch and avoids sermonizing as he shows how the power of Jesus Christ destroys each lie and offers healing truth in which believers find their true identity as the beloved children of God, new creations through the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work, and made complete in Jesus.

The book is suitable for individual and small-group study, though it doesn’t include discussion questions. It would make a great gift for a person who has questions about who Jesus is and how his saving work is relevant for today. (B&H Books)


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