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Based in Charleston, S.C., this fabulous quintet draws from African-American Gullah culture to deliver an album like no other. Starting with an original and moving gospel hymn “Stand By Me,” Ranky Tanky offers freedom songs, love lyrics, and traditional melodies that will have you singing and swaying along. The music combines jazz, blues, folk, and 1950s rock through intricate West African rhythms preserved on the Atlantic Sea Islands. One track will remind you of New Orleans jazz and then the next will take you to the Caribbean or Africa. Lead vocalist Quianna Parler has a powerful, stand-out voice while trumpeter Charleton Singleton gives rich, improvisational riffs on the melodies. Set the volume “up to 11” and enjoy this album as you clean the house, dance with your kids, or drive down an open road. (Resilience Music)


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