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Jay Stringer’s Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing stands out as a fresh approach for people who struggle with the impact of broken sexuality and pornography addiction. The author is as forthright and open about the beauty of God-given human sexual desire as he is about the devastation it creates when things go terribly wrong.

In the introduction Stringer writes, “It is my conviction that the God of the universe is neither surprised by nor ashamed of the sexual behavior we participate in.” Instead he understands it to be the very stage through which the work of redemption will be played out in our lives. The book is filled with hope and compassion for the men and women who have experienced unwanted sexual interference and trauma in their young lives and subsequently have gone on to be entrapped in the cycles of addiction and destructive behaviors.

Stringer’s team studied over 3,800 men and women in order for him to come to some new insights about how to overcome this damage. The very Internet searches one plugs into a browser, Stringer suggests, may give insight into a much deeper search and longing. Ever the compassionate counselor, Stringer’s desire is for those who struggle to understand the why of their shame and find ways to reclaim and transform their misguided desires. The book is filled with gospel grace. (NavPress)   

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