Look Up Child by Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle
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Mark it down. Lauren Daigle’s sophomore release, Look Up Child, will become one of the most celebrated albums inside and outside of Christian music in 2018. Released in early September, the record debuted at No. 3 on Billboards’ Top 200 All-Genre Album Chart and continues to gain steam like Daigle’s first album, How Can It Be (2015).

The music and sound on Look Up Child are simply outstanding. Daigle’s voice is deep and rich, and she sings about topics that will resound with listeners. The first radio single, “You Say,” speaks to how God values us even when we look down on ourselves. “Losing My Religion” confesses putting on an act, a religious front, and then returning to the Lord to find something deeper.

Daigle co-wrote the first 13 tracks on the album, and she finishes with her own arrangement of “Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus.” Both fans of Daigle and those who are new to her music will want to put this album on repeat play. (Centricity)

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Paul Delger is a long time professional writer and inspirational speaker to young people and lives in Kanawha, Iowa.