Reader-Submitted Review: Learning from Lord Mackay by J. Cameron Fraser

Learning from Lord Mackay
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J. Cameron Fraser’sLearning from Lord Mackay: Life and Work in Two Kingdoms is more than an extolling of the virtues of a Lord Advocate of Scotland and Lord Chancellor of Great Britain during the turmoil of the “eighties and nineties.” It’s an account of someone willing to risk his reputation in the area of politics and the national well-being. Whether or not it succeeds in defining or defending the “two kingdoms” thinking is a determination each reader will have to make, possibly determined somewhat by their geographical location or previous philosophical presuppositions.

I found encouragement in reading how a principled person sought to apply his Christian convictions to his daily and political life. Lord Mackay’s spirit of service is greatly needed today in our present self-seeking—if not self-serving—political atmosphere. Mackay’s willingness to work behind the scenes to accomplish the greater good served as inspiration to this reader. (SOS Books)

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George Vink is retired after 50 years as a Christian Reformed pastor. One of his sons is an accident investigator for the Calgary (Alta.) Police Service, and his two brothers are retired from that position. He and his wife, Shirley, are members of Covenant CRC in Cutlerville, Mich.