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In November 2013, a fire claims the lives of hundreds of employees working in unsafe conditions in a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A photo of one of the employees who had jumped from a window to escape the fire—holding a garment over her face with a brand name clearly visible—goes viral, setting off a maelstrom of repercussions.

In the United States, Cameron Alexander, the head lawyer for Presto Omnishops Corporation, the company that produced the implicated brand, is propelled for personal and professional reasons to discover how Presto’s brand was being manufactured in a factory that was on its Red List—a list of factories that were no longer allowed to produce its product because of hazardous working conditions. The shocking truth he discovers shakes his world.

A year later, a discredited former journalist, Joshua Griswold, receives an anonymous tip about Presto and the fire that sets him on a journey of discovery as well.

Told from the perspectives of both Alexander and Griswold, this adult novel introduces readers to the dark underbelly of the global fashion industry, as well as to the lives of two men who are longing for grace and redemption. It explores not only slavery as it exists today in its various manifestations but also exposes the history of slavery in the United States, showing how both have reaped “a harvest of thorns.”

Banner readers will find in Corban Addison a compelling voice for social justice that reflects the desire of our Lord that we seek mercy and justice for all. (Thomas Nelson)

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