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Young William lives in an orphanage along dismal Grimloch Lane. One day as he looks out his window, he notices a commotion. He runs outside and discovers that a huge tree has been sculpted into the shape of an owl. He spends all day staring at it. That night, he falls asleep with a sense of anticipation.

In the morning, William sees that another tree has been sculpted, this one into the shape of a cat. Each subsequent day, as if by magic, another topiary appears. As a result, life on Grimloch Lane is transformed. Despair and dreariness dissipate, replaced by excitement and color.

One night, William notices an unfamiliar man and follows him at a distance, wondering if he might be the artist. And he is. The Night Gardener warmly welcomes William to help him sculpt trees, and afterward gives him a unique gift.
Contrasting muted illustrations with vibrant artwork, The Night Gardener reveals how art and creativity can change individuals and communities for the better. (Simon & Schuster)

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