Secrets of the Dragon Tomb by Patrick Samphire

Edward Sullivan had hoped to spend the day reading the latest serial installment of Thrilling Martian Tales. He desperately wants to find out what happened to Captain W. A. Master, British-Martian spy, but his favorite story will have to wait.

His family is kidnapped, and his father, a famous inventor, is forced to help locate a lost Martian tomb. The evil Sir Titus Dane wants to find the tomb and its contents, mysterious Martian weapons that he can sell to the highest bidder. Edward, his two sisters, and his hopeless cousin, Freddie, have to track down the rest of his family, free his father, and stop the dastardly Sir Titus and his henchmen.

This fast-paced tale is set on a Mars that has been colonized by British settlers where native Martians still sail the ancient canals and you can get anywhere you want using an airship. On his journey, Edward learns who he can really trust and that he can count on friends and family who are there to help. Secrets of the Dragon Tomb is a rollicking science fiction adventure perfect for readers in grades 5 through 8. (Henry Holt & Co.)

About the Author

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