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Raju, a young elephant, and his mother set out on a grand adventure early one morning in India. Raju grows tired and asks, “When can we go home again?” His mother answers, “Soon.”

They encounter threats from crocodiles, a snake, and a tiger. As Raju’s mother protects him, he repeatedly wonders when they can return home.

When they reach their destination, the top of a mountain affording a spectacular view, Raju asks his question once more, and is relieved when his mother says, “Now.” On the return trip they pass menacing creatures. When they arrive safely at their destination, Raju surprises his mother with a new question, “When can we do it all again?”

Reflecting questions children often ask their parents, Soon offers a tender-hearted glimpse into a loving relationship. Subdued, earthy illustrations capture the beauty of Africa’s landscape and animals. Ages 2 and up. (Candlewick Press)

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