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Jack wants to venture out into the world, make new friends, and live in a house in the city. But he’s not sure how to go about it. Grandpa tells him to go to the city and ask the king.

Jack sets off on his journey and meets a variety of animals, one after another. Finally, an entourage of creatures, each adding a distinctive voice to a rising chorus, follows him into the city. When Jack meets the king and asks for a house, the king obliges, telling Jack he has the perfect house for him.

Jack and the animals aren’t daunted by the dilapidated house they’ve been given. They set to work to make it their new home. Soon neighbors follow Jack’s example and the rundown neighborhood is revitalized.

Young readers will delight in this charming picture book that subtly shares the joy of adventure and the blessings of living in community. Ages 3 and up. (Nancy Paulsen Books)

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