Back on the Streets

Mikhail had lived homeless in St. Petersburg, Russia, for 10 years. When a pair of strangers found him at a train station, they thought he was an old man. He had a long, dirty beard, and they could smell the alcohol on him.
“Do you want to change your life?” they asked. “God has a new life ready for you if you are ready to trust in Jesus.”

The Holy Spirit drew Mikhail to this message, so he followed them. After that day, Mikhail lived for a year in a house for recovering addicts. He began attending church and devoted his life to serving Christ.

Still, it was hard for Mikhail to see his place in God’s kingdom.
Much of that changed when Mikhail met Gary and Galya Timmerman, who serve with Christian Reformed World Missions in Russia. Gary and Mikhail first met at a discipleship school, but their relationship grew from there.

“Mentoring Mikhail gives us a unique experience in discipling,” said Gary. “I’ve really enjoyed seeing him grow in his faith and in his gifts.”
Over the past several years, CRWM has been taking steps to hand over its Christian media library to local leadership. Now Mikhail plays a part in that transition.

Every Wednesday, Mikhail goes to the large church library and helps visitors find books or devotions that will help them in their spiritual journey. But that’s not all he does there.

“I don’t want a brilliant testimony like Mikhail’s to sit behind closed doors all the time,” said Gary. “Sometimes I go there also, and while I tend the library inside, Mikhail goes on the main street, sharing his testimony and passing out flyers for the library.”

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